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Why Would You Ever Want to Convert a Powerpoint Presentation into a Flash File?


Here is a detailed list of the key advantages for converting a PowerPoint presentation into a Flash file. No matter what your final goal is, a Flash-based presentation goes a long way in making your content easily accessible and distributable.

1) Greater Accessibility
Once converted to Flash, anyone can easily view a PowerPoint presentation in any Internet browser. Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Netscape, Safari, Opera, and others. As more than 98% of all browsers have the
Flash plug-in installed. You aren't required to install any special software or tell your audience to do the same.

2) Compatibility
Everyone who has a computer including those on Macs, Linux, Solaris, HP, SGI workstations,
PDAs (PocketPCs/Windows Mobile and PalmOS), and handheld devices (with an integrated Flash player) can watch your PowerPoint in Flash. There's no limit in terms of devices or computer operating systems.

3) Reduced Files Size
A PowerPoint presentation converted to Flash can drastically reduce the size up to 1/10th of the original file size.

4) Sound Integration
Flash files can also integrate audio tracks, including music and voice-overs.

5) Display Resolution
Flash files can be played at virtually any resolution and/or screen size, making this file format an ideal way to distribute presentations across many display devices.

6) Internet Distribution
Distributing PowerPoint files on the Internet for other people to see is easier said than done. Not everyone has PowerPoint installed on his PC. But once you upload a Flash file to any server, forum and discussion group, anyone can watch it.

7) Streaming
Flash files use streaming technology that allows online viewers to start watching the presentation without waiting for the entire presentation to download before playback begins.

8) Basic Interaction Controls
Flash files contain optional embedded controls that let the end user control playback, stop and rewind the presentation.

9) More Distribution Options
Flash, for the reasons previously listed, is also an ideal format for distributing PowerPoint presentations on CD-ROMs. It allows multi-platform compatibility while providing a lean and fast performing file. It can also integrate audio and video while displayed on different displays and resolutions.

10) Email-Ready
Even if you want to send a PowerPoint file to someone by email, converting it to Flash may be a better option. The file size is smaller, and it doesn't clog your recipient's inbox. You also retain all of your transitions, animations and effects, while ensuring that the recipient can see the file without loading other software (for example, PowerPoint Viewer, which is 2.7 MB).

11) Secure
Others can edit PowerPoint files if they have PowerPoint installed on their machine. This is not the case for Flash files. However, they allow you to maintain more control over your content, if needed.

12) Firewall Friendliness
Flash-based content has no problem going through firewalls because it's like standard Web content.

Here are all the toolz available that I've found and verified that allow you to convert your PowerPoint presentation into Flash.

Select the one that fits best your needs and budget.

PowerPoint to Flash Top20 Toolz - List of Toolz

1) PresentationPro PowerConverter

PowerCONVERTER is a PowerPoint plug-in that quickly converts your presentations to Flash format. This is one of the highest quality converters and its price tag reflects it. The converted Flash file is smaller, secure, and in a streaming media format that's ideal for posting presentations to Web sites, intranets or self-running CD-ROMs. With the complementary EmailPRESENTER and OnlinePRESENTER products, you can take that same converted presentation and embed it in emails, deliver it online through a Web conference or both.

Sample conversions: http://www.presentationpro.com/Products/Galleries.asp

Free trial: http://www.presentationpro.com/FreeTrial/PCFreeTrial.asp

Price: USD $249 (limited offer. Regular price is $299)

Complementary toolz:

PresentationPro's EmailPresenter seamlessly converts PowerPoint presentations to Web-presentations to Web-enabled Flash files; automatically stores them in your online account on PresentationPro's secure server; and then creates an e-mail that references the presentation and distributes it to your selected contacts in a streaming format.

Recipients can view and listen to the presentation within the preview pane of their e-mail application, or open the message in its own window on a PC or handheld. There are no attachments, lengthy download times or version compatibility issues to spoil the show.

The EmailPresenter software integrates into your copy of PowerPoint, while your secure PresentationPro account lets you review your library of converted presentations and allows you to track the results of campaigns. The $299 annual license lets you store an unlimited number of presentations and invite up to 1,000 unique views per month.

Price: USD $299/year


OnlinePRESENTER is for presenting PowerPoint presentations on the Web. It's easy to use, has a simple interface and a fast setup. Unlike other solutions, OnlinePRESENTER is not usage-based. You pay one annual fee and you can give as many presentations as you want. You control your presentation on your viewers' hard drive.

Typically viewers experience one to two seconds delay between slides regardless of connection speed. Same Slide Indicator - Your presentation controller screen monitors when your audience has logged on to your presentation and that they are on the same slide as you.

Email Invitations - Send an invitation email to your audience so they can access the presentation by simply clicking on a link. Instant Presentation - Instantly incorporate any viewer by having them login to your presentation at www.presentationpro.com/viewer with the five digit presentation code and their email address.

No software - Viewers don't need to download or install software because the presentation is viewed from a standard Web browser. Unlimited Presentations - You can store an unlimited number of presentations in your online account. Potential Unlimited Viewers - The standard fee allows up to 10 viewers that can be increased for an additional charge.

Price: USD $299

2) OpenOffice.org

Convert any of its files including PowerPoint files into Flash files. It's free and has great tool for direct conversion of PowerPoint files to .swf files. You only have to import PowerPoint file to OpenOffice and then export presentation to .swf file. Transitions and animations are not supported.

Price: Free

3) Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional (formerly Macromedia Breeze, which was formerly Presedia Producer)

Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional is a customizable Web conferencing and live presentation solution for communicating and collaborating online. The application allows you to upload and share PowerPoint presentation w with full support for animations, streaming video, Flash movies and audio, and graphics. Quality is outstanding. So is the price.

15-day Trial: http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobatconnectpro/trial/ (Acrobat Connect Professional free trial isn't available yet... coming soon)

Price: Varies - see purchase options and meeting service plans

4) Knowledge Direct-to-Web

Direct-to-Web allows you to insert games, test questions and audio, then export it into a learning object that to use in a learning management system. It combines a PowerPoint add-in with a conversion utility. The PowerPoint add-in inserts menu items in PowerPoint so you can add interactive games and questions to your PowerPoint (XP/2002 and 2003) presentations. You can access the conversion utility from the desktop or within PowerPoint. It converts your PowerPoint presentation, including your games and questions, to an interactive Macromedia Flash movie file that can be accessed over the Internet or burned to CD.

View Demo or Download Trial: http://www.knowledgedirectweb.com/2090.htm

Price: USD $299

5) iMediaCONVERT (formerly Netron)

iMediaCONVERT converts PowerPoint files into Flash. It has a good file size conversion ratio and at one of the lowest prices on the market. iMediaCONVERT can reduce the size of PowerPoint files up to 90%. At USD $45 for an unlimited number of conversions, iMediaCONVERT is one of the most affordable PowerPoint-to-Flash converters on the market. Because iMediaCONVERT is integrated into PowerPoint, just one click converts your files. It comes with free updates. iMediaCONVERT also gives you control over the content; presentations cannot be copied or edited, which protects your material from copyright infringement.

Download free trial version: http://www.imedialearn.com/down...

Price: USD $45 (USD $31.50 for Education - volume licensing available)

6) Articulate Presenter

Reduce time, complexity and cost of creating custom Flash presentations and e-learning courses. Articulate Presenter lets non-technical users create rich-media presentations by integrating narration and interactivity with a standard PowerPoint file. With the press of the button, your presentation transforms into a compelling Flash experience. You won't need any programmers to make it happen. With Articulate Presenter, anyone can get professional-quality results in minutes.

Free trial: http://www.articulate.com/free.aspx

Price: USD $499 (standard) and $699 (pro)

7) authorPoint

authorPOINT instantly captures your PowerPoint presentation and audio/video while you do the presentation. Distribute the result to your audience in Flash, Windows Media, Real Media and Pocket PC formats. authorPOINT’s built-in content manager gives you the ability to manage, search, and distribute the presentations to your audience. Samples: http://authorgen.com/authorpoint/outputs.htm; Tutorials: http://authorgen.com/authorpoint/tutorials.htm

30-day Trial: http://authorgen.com/authorpoint/trialversion.htm

Price: USD $299

8) FlashPoint

FlashPoint is a powerful conversion utility that allows you to convert PowerPoint presentations into Flash files. For distributed users or those with high demand for conversion, FlashPoint can be hosted on a central server and operated remotely through a Web-friendly interface. See samples here.

15-day Trial: http://www.flashdemo.net/

Price: USD $120 (volume licensing available); FlashPoint Personal Version USD $49 (for personal, education and non-profit organization use only)


PowerPoint to Flash converter (PPT2SWF) is a fast and accurate tool for generating Macromedia Flash movies from Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 (only version compatible at this time) presentations. Conversion preserves the quality of originals in vectors.

The program converts graphics, text, animation effects on text and graphics and links on text objects and graphics. The program recognizes ActiveX objects, transforms convertible objects, deletes objects that can't convert, which increases stability of presentations and eliminates potential crashes.

Trial: http://www.softacademia.com/download_trial_version.asp

Price: USD $26

10) Nalanda Quickflash - PowerPoint to Flash Converter

Quick Flash is a tool for quickly converting PowerPoint slides into Flash. It provides a rapid Web-enabling platform for all forms of multimedia content. Its can convert embedded .wav and mp3 audio components PowerPoint slides, the ability to create a single Flash file for each PowerPoint slide, vector output that can be imported into Flash for edits, integrates with PowerPoint as a toolbar button, embeds Flash output in HTML and allows partial or full conversions of PowerPoint presentations.

7-day Trial: http://www.webspiders.com/en/...

Price: USD $99.95

11) FlashPPT

FlashPPT is a converter that provides fast and accurate generation of SWF Macromedia Flash movies from Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 (and higher) presentations in vectors, preserving highest quality of originals.

Trial: http://www.ypgsoft.com/download.htm

Price: USD $49.95 (volume licensing available)

12) PointeCast Publisher (formerly Wanadu)

PointeCast Publisher turns PowerPoint presentations into high quality and interactive Flash presentations. It works with PowerPoint 2000 and later versions. The software (depending on the edition) allows you to record narration, add background audio, edit audio, add playback toolz, view notes from the PowerPoint presentation, track time and comes with various e-learning toolz.

15-day Trial: http://tinyurl.com/cul5m

Price: USD $99 (lite), $249 (standard), and $449 (professional)

13) Powerpoint to Flash

PowerPoint to Flash enables you to transfer bulk PowerPoint presentations into Flash. You can automatically convert file with one click on the Start (Application, not Window's Start button) button. Both a desktop and server versions are offered and it's easy to use.

Samples: http://www.dreamingsoft.com/powerpointtoflash/sample.htm

30-day Trial: http://www.dreamingsoft.com/download.htm (desktop)

Price: USD $49.95 (desktop) and $499 (API)

14) Adobe Captivate (formerly Macromedia Captivate and eHelp RoboDemo)

Adobe Captivate is an easy way to create interactive demonstrations and software simulations in Flash format. Captivate records your actions in any application and instantly creates a Flash file with visible and audible mouse movements. The small file size and high resolution make Captivate simulations and demos easy to publish online or burn to CD for use in training, sales, marketing or user support.

Captivate integrates a full PowerPoint import feature and can output Flash in a multitude of formats including Flash (SWF), Editable Flash (FLA), Self-Executing File (EXE), Macintosh Projector File (HQX), Microsoft Word (DOC), Text (TXT) for Translation, Linux Projector File (EXE), and more. I've used the program and importing PowerPoint is easy. It also imports the notes and any page — it can be one page, five pages, or all pages.

Trial: http://www.macromedia.com/cfusion/tdrc/index...

Buy: USD $599 (full edition) and $299 (upgrade) Price page is difficult to find.

15) FlashSpring

FlashSpring is an easy-to-use application for creating professional Flash content in PowerPoint. It comes in three types: FlashSpring Lite which is free and converts your PowerPoint presentations into Flash format, FlashSpring Pro (former FlashSpring enhanced with a set of new feature), which creates Flash content while retaining the interactivity and animations from your original PowerPoint presentations and FlashSpring server, a product for PowerPoint to Flash conversion in batch at server side.

Movies are produced in PowerPoint and converted to Flash format with a couple of mouse clicks. FlashSpring functions are embedded in PowerPoint toolbar and are easily accessible from there. It works as an add-on for Microsoft PowerPoint and supports almost all PowerPoint animation effects.

The application retains original layout, text styles and decorations of your PowerPoint presentations and makes them accompanied with different audio effects in WAV and MP3 format conversion including customized narrations. You can see a comparison between Lite and Pro here.

Trial: http://www.flashspring.com/download.html

Price: Lite is free. Pro is USD $149 / EUR 124 (volume licensing available).

16) Converting PowerPoint files to Flash Using the PPT_FLA Template

Use this Flash Template file and print these instructions to convert PowerPoint presentations to Flash .swf files in a few easy steps. You'll need to have PowerPoint along with Flash MX to use this template. What you need to know: Rudimentary Flash skills... if you have never used Flash, go to the Help menu and select Tutorials. Choose the Introduction option.

With this tool, PowerPoint transitions and animations are not reproduced in Flash. If you are an experienced Flash developer, you can use this template as a starting place and add Flash animations to the presentation.

Download: http://www.tc.umn.edu/~kurtis/flash/ppt_fla/ppt_fla.fla [.fla file]

17) Powerbullet

Powerbullet is a free tool that allows you to create Flash presentations for business, sales or educational use. No technical expertise is needed with its simple drag and drop interface. If you are familiar with a basic text editor, you should be comfortable with Powerbullet. Add sounds (MP3 or WAV files), images (PNG, GIF, JPEG) and Flash files (SWF). Create animations on any element in the page and add page transitions — entry and exit — with the click of a button.

Type text directly into the layout area and add color, formatting, special effects such as drop shadows and animations. Can also copy text from Word or other programs and paste into Powerbullet while retaining the formatting. Create color effects using transparency, gradients and overlaps.

Powerbullet exports the Flash movie in different modes, depending on your choice: for a standard slide-show, navigation buttons are automatically generated and added to the bottom of each page (or slide). Or select auto-advance mode and have the slides advance according to a timer. You can also synchronize a page the sound attached to it, so the page will wait until the sound has finished before advancing. For kiosk use, select full-screen output mode, which works in all modern Web browsers.

Powerbullet is no longer in production. You can still download it, check out the samples and get help at the user forums.

Price: Free.

18) The manual way

In PowerPoint, you can export your presentation to a picture sequence and import the picture files into Flash's timeline. Then, export the timeline as Shockwave Flash File (SWF). Exporting the individual slides into WMF format is the best approach as it allows the vector images and graphics to be kept in their original format when imported into Flash.

19) Other toolz that incorporate PowerPoint to Flash converters (you're welcome to add more in the comments area):

1) Convoq ConferenceASAP

ASAP Pro is a Web conferencing and online collaboration application that integrates a full PowerPoint to Flash converter powered by PresentationPro PowerConverter.

Trial: http://asap2.convoq.com/commerce/... (requires registration).

Price: See pricing information here

Not Flash, but still good

1) Impatica

Impatica for Powerpoint can incorporate narration to your Web site or email marketing programs. With this program, you can convert the PowerPoint file into a compressed format that's optimized for streaming over the Internet thereby reducing the file so that it's 95% smaller than PowerPoint's HTML file. It supports most of PowerPoint's features including text, graphics, animation effects, transitions and narration. Impatica uses Java and works with Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP and Mac OS X and later.

Demo request: http://www.impatica.com/evaluation/

Price: USD $499.

2) PowerPoint to EXE

Create a stand-alone, self-running executable from your PowerPoint presentation, which doesn't require users to have Powerpoint installed on their system. Users also don't need to download and install the Powerpoint viewer as it plays automatically without user intervention after the file is double-clicked, depending on effects — supports Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000 and XP.

It also supports most effects and custom animations from Powerpoint 2002 (XP) and 2003, runs exe from a CD as exe is ideal for Internet distribution. You can make your exe available for download from your site or zip smaller executables and email them to clients as executables are secure and files cannot be edited or extracted.

Price: Varies as it depends on project. See Web site.


PPTools PPT2HTML converts PowerPoint presentations to web pages. PPT2HTML uses templates to control the appearance of the web pages created from the PowerPoint presentation. The templates work like merging documents in Word. You add placeholder text where you want PPT2HTML to insert information or images extracted from presentations.

Read frequently asked questions to learn about the templates, placeholders and PPT2HTML accessibility features.

Download: http://www.rdpslides.com/pptools/downloads.htm

Price: USD $69.95

Known issues and limitations in creating POWERPOINT presentations that are later converted to Flash SWF files.

1. Bullets. All bullets may not properly convert to Flash. With most toolz, bullets having an ASCII code lower than 255 work fine.

2. When creating PowerPoint presentations for converting into Flash, all text frames and graphical objects must be within a slide area. Otherwise in the converted slide, text and objects might not be in the right place, which can cause Flash to freeze and stop working.

3. All fonts used in a PowerPoint presentation must be installed on the computer performing the PowerPoint to Flash conversion.

4. All graphics inserted into a presentation must have smaller dimensions and sizes than the slide size (do not resize).

5. ActiveX objects may present problems and compatibilities issues with some PPT2Flash conversion toolz.

by Robin Good

Updates - New PowerPoint to Flash Toolz

20) EyeCron

EyeCron is a Web-based service that allows uploading, converting to Flash automatically and recording of an audio track by telephone or through an audio file. EyeCron has powerful administrative features, which enable multiple groups/teams to coordinate, manage, track and analyze the distribution of presentations, either by email or by Web. Online demo.

Trial: http://www.eyecron.com/trial.aspx

Price: See trial link for contact information.

21) Macromedia FlashPaper 2

Macromedia FlashPaper is a simple utility for converting any printable document into a Flash (swf) or PDF file. The tool is easy to use and takes no time to figure out. Its Flash conversion quality is excellent, as expected from the company that invented Flash.

The tool is not ideal for PowerPoint to Flash conversions as the presentation is converted into many individual pages that cannot run with full transitions in full screen mode. Online demo. FlashPaper comes with the Studio 8 bundle.

Trial: http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/tdrc/index.cfm?product=flashpaper

Price: USD $79 (volume licensing available)

22) SameShow Wondershare PPT2Flash Studio

Wondershare PPT2Flash Studio is for converting PowerPoint to Flash and viewing them on a PC. It reduces the size of the PowerPoint presentations and it's easy to distribute. The converted file retains original effects from the PowerPoint presentation and you can record narration for the presentation and synchronize it with slides and animations.

Trial: http://www.sameshow.com/download/powerpoint-to-flash-download.html

Price: USD $59.95 (Standard), $199.95 (Professional)

23) AJSoft PPT2SWF

Free tool that converts PowerPoint slides into a Flash movie. It can also handle the animation. Compatible with Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP.

Download: http://www.freewareland.com/graphics/3165/

Price: Free

24) Speechi

To record your presentations and play them online in Flash, you just need a microphone and a PC with PowerPoint. No technical knowledge is required. Convert your PowerPoint into Flash while retaining PowerPoint animation and integrating sound.

The software comes with an electronic whiteboard, so you can use it to add drawings live, in front of an audience, inside PowerPoint. Compatible with PowerPoint 2000, XP, 2002 and 2003.

Trial: http://www.speechi.net/speechi/... (registration required)

Demo: http://www.speechi.net/speechi/demos/speechi_pres.wmv (Windows movie)

Price: USD $690 / EUR 590 (light version is free)

25) PowerPointForce

PowerPointForce makes your PowerPoint work with Flash and you can add a menu, sound, video, and Web pages. The file can be exported to Internet, LMS and SCORM.

Price: Pricing to come soon. Expected to be USD $100 to $150 (unknown when product will be available)

26) PowerPoint to Flash Conversion

PowerPoint to Flash Conversion is a web-based conversion application in which you upload a PowerPoint file that's no larger than 5 MB and the tool converts it to Flash. The application converts the files by using OpenOffice with JooConverter.

Price: Free

27) Camtasia Studio PowerPoint Add-in

TechSmith's Camtasia Studio PowerPoint Add-in records all multimedia elements of a live PowerPoint presentation, including animations and voice narration. The presentation can be saved to a web site or on a CD. There's nothing to download as it comes with Camtasia Studio, a screen recording and presentation application.

Trial: http://www.techsmith.com/download/camtasiatrial.asp

Price: $299.00 for Camtasia Studio

28) SWiSH Presenter

SWiSH Presenter puts PowerPoint presentations on the web. The application works as a PowerPoint plug-in or as a separate application for each batch conversion.

Trial: http://www.swishzone.com/index.php?area...

Price: USD $99.95 / EUR 82.64

29) WildPresenter Pro

Wildform's WildPresenter Pro helps typical business users create Flash presentations, videos, product demos and sales and marketing materials. The software converts PowerPoint files to Flash and lets you edit the PowerPoint files and templates in Flash. You can also record any activities occurring on your screen to produce a Flash presentation. A Lite version is available, but it doesn't convert PowerPoint presentations to Flash.

Download: Try WildPresenter with this demo (requires email address).

Price: USD $299 (special price)

30) PPT to Flash Studio

IncrediTools PowerPoint to Flash Studio converts PowerPoint files to Flash and then lets the user edit the converted file adding presentation components such as call outs, images, narration, audio, clipart and navigation controls. You can also create course materials, quizzes, assessments and surveys. PowerPoint to Flash Studio supports PowerPoint animations and various media files. View samples here.
Trial: http://www.pptflashstudio.com/download.php
Price: Professional Edition: USD $149.95; Standard Edition: USD $99.95 (
feature comparison).

Source: http://www.masternewmedia.org/2004/04/14/powerpoint_to_flash_conversion_tools.htm

10 Top Tools for the PowerPoint Power User


DigitalOfficePro said...

PowerFlashPoint: PowerFlashPoint is a PowerPoint plug-in that automatically converts your PowerPoint 2007, XP/2002 & 2003 presentations into a highly compressed Internet-ready presentation in the Macromedia Flash format and retains all of your special effects.


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FlashSpring is called iSpring (http://www.ispringsolutions.com) now and this is really useful tool to convert PowerPoint to flash.

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I tried this and it fits my needs.

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Anyway, I like it. Check it out.

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I've also found an article about converting PowerPoint to video.